A Little Winter Magic

I’ve always loved the magic of an overnight storm that coats every single thing with a layer of glittery whiteness.  Even as an adult having to dig myself out, or dig out my car, and then navigate to work, I just can’t resist getting a little excited when the forecast calls for accumulation.  So naturally I had to get up early in order to enjoy the beauty.

Getting some photos in the snow reminded me of the first portrait shoot I did in the snow – my best friend Diana was my intrepid subject and her backyard after a snowstorm provided the perfect location.  (NOTE:  Please don’t judge these too harshly – they were taken in early college before I had a clue what I was doing with my camera let alone Lightroom.  I don’t even think I had Lightroom.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.26.48 AM.png  17172_1296581463743_4254821_n.jpg 17172_1296591063983_5012315_n.jpgAnyway this is basically a shameless plug for snowy photo shoots.  The snow naturally diffuses light and the scenery is spectacular.  That being said, it can be quite cold.  Diana, thanks for putting up with all my weird ideas and braving the cold. 🙂