In grade school, I fancied myself a writer. Wads of “first chapters” of “first novels” still sit in binders under my bed. As it turned out, I had no talent for writing novels, and little interest in writing anything else. High school then brought an obsession with scrapbooking. I saw it as a visual way to preserve family stories. 
This led me to photography. In photography, I could stop beautiful moments in time – moments telling the story of God’s goodness, true love, encouraging joy, heartfelt laughter, and real tears. Photography and blogging about my photographs let me tell stories in ways more powerful than words alone. They let me shine a light on beautiful stories and share that light with others. 

Over the next few years, college gave me more opportunities to photograph as I worked for my school newspaper. Then after graduating in 2013, I married my sweet husband, Brian, and we moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

Here in Madison, God has blessed us with an incredible church family and cherished friendships. Through those relationships, I have sharpened my eye and honed my storytelling, which led me to start my business in 2015. In the ten years since I first picked up a camera, the tool in my hand has changed, but my passion for telling stories through beautiful moments remains. I can’t wait to shine a light on the beauty in your story!

<3 Amy



1) I was home educated grades K-12 and hope to home educate my own children someday!

2) During sessions, I frequently need to use a stool  or stand on higher ground - I'm only 5'2"!

3) I fully intended on being single for the rest of my life, right up until I started dating my husband!  I even told him that to his face when we met, but he took it as a challenge!  

4) I started learning to ski when I was 3 years old.  It's the only sport I can even pretend to be graceful at.

5) I actually went to school for interior design and I have a love for old things. In my free time you'll find me hunting down awesome pieces of old furniture and dreaming of the old house I'm going to fix up someday.

6) I'm obsessed with the color blue - all of them!  I have a blue floral sofa and I gravitate towards greens and blues for pretty much everything from clothes to decor.