A high school obsession with scrapbooking led me to photography.  In photography, I could stop beautiful moments in time – moments telling the story of God’s goodness, true love, encouraging joy, heartfelt laughter, and real tears. Photography and blogging about my photographs let me tell stories in ways more powerful than words alone. They let me shine a light on beautiful stories and share that light with others. 

Over the next few years, college gave me more opportunities to photograph as I worked for my school newspaper and photographed my first couple weddings. Then after graduating in 2013, I married my husband, Brian, and we moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

Here in Madison, God has blessed us with an incredible church family and cherished friendships. Through those relationships, I have sharpened my eye and honed my storytelling, which led me to start my business in 2015. In the ten years since I first picked up a camera, the tool in my hand has changed, but my passion for telling stories through beautiful moments remains. I can’t wait to shine a light on the beauty in your story!   

1) I was home educated grades K-12 and hope to home educate my own children someday!

2) During sessions, I frequently need to use a stool  or stand on higher ground - I'm only 5'2"!

3) I fully intended on being single for the rest of my life, right up until I started dating my husband!  I even told him that to his face when we met, but he took it as a challenge!  

fun facts

4) I started learning to ski when I was 3 years old. It's the only sport I can even pretend to be graceful at.

5) I actually went to school for interior design and I have a love for old things. In my free time you'll find me hunting down awesome pieces of old furniture and dreaming of the old house I'm going to fix up someday.

6) I'm obsessed with the color blue - all of them! I have a blue floral sofa and I gravitate towards greens and blues for pretty much everything from clothes to decor.

I believe in……

Visual images have profoundly impacted each society that views them. From crude cave drawings recounting history to graphics encouraging enlistment during World War II, images have repeatedly moved hearts and minds. And that power has only increased. Today, large corporations acknowledge the power of the visual by slapping down millions for 30 second TV spots and full page magazine ads. Meanwhile, today’s technology generates visual images in seconds, flooding our world minute after minute, click after click. We can’t stop seeing it all.

What we see matters. From the Instagram selfie begging for affirmation to the heart-rending
photograph of a young boy suffering in war, images have different subjects, serve different purposes, and evoke different emotions. One image moves me to give and to love. Another to envy and to despair.

This power creates some big responsibilities. Viewers better be careful what and how they see. Artists better be careful too. Visual images do not appear from nowhere. The how and why of each image is determined by the individual who chooses to capture it. That is why I try to bond with my clients on a personal level, to serve my clients in the best way possible, and to capture true love and joy for my clients and their families. These goals help me to achieve my primary goal, which is to use my artistic ability to create images that shine a light on God’s goodness.

You see, I’m not just a photographer. I’m a born again Christian. Because God created me, loved me, and has forgiven my many failures through His Son, everything I have is His.  Everything I do should be for Him. As a visual artist and a follower of Jesus Christ, I have a responsibility to wield the power I’ve been given to shine a light on God and the masterful beauty of His creation. Because my art is a reflection of what I believe about God, myself, and others, my art must reflect and honor God. Let’s rephrase this obligation using Biblical language (Philippians 4:8 to be precise): Whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, photograph and blog about these things. That’s why I will photograph weddings, to show God’s love between Him and His bride. That’s why I will photograph for churches, to show God’s love at work in community. That’s why I will photograph for pregnancy health clinics, to show God’s love in the sanctity of new life. In all these things, I want to shine a light on God and the beauty of His creation.

Now if there are things that I strive to portray, it stands to reason there are things I can’t portray
either. My photographs and words can’t contradict my beliefs. For example, I will not photograph and post items (like a shirt with a marijuana leaf) that normalize drug use. Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). I will not photograph and post for organizations (like Planned Parenthood or the Democratic Party) that promote abortion. "For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb." (Psalm 139:13).  I will not photograph and post about events (like same-sex wedding ceremonies) that beatify any marriage besides marriage between one man and one woman. "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." (Genesis 2:24). While not an exhaustive list, these are some things I can’t portray with my camera or promote with my pen without violating my conscience.

Now many of you may disagree with these beliefs. That’s ok. Our country is better off if we can
disagree and still respect each other. I respect the right of each of you to hold and promote different views. That’s why you deserve to know upfront what I’m about and what my photography promotes. That way, you get the best photographs you can. And that is my prayer. That you get true, honest images that shine a light on what’s really worth seeing.

the serious stuff - my why