You went to the bridal show, got the free bag, ate all the goodies, and collected loads of awesome information from vendors who can’t wait to work with you…and now you might be a little overwhelmed! Go through your bag in the day or two after the bridal show.  It may seem intimidating, but don’t […]

This post could probably win an award for most boring blog post ever, but hopefully my clients and my photographer colleagues in Wisconsin find it to be somewhat helpful!  Clients, keep reading.  Photogs – more info for you at the bottom! For my Madison-area clients: Have a popular location in mind?  Make sure you schedule […]

You’ve made the leap and hired your wedding photographer! Or you took a deep breath, saved your pennies, and invested in an anniversary photo session. Now comes what is for many the most intimidating part of the process – choosing your outfits! (And ladies lets be honest, we are the ones who have the most […]

Welp, here is the second installment of Brian’s and my love story.  I bet you thought I’d never get around to part 2!  If you need a refresher (I did!), part 1 of our love story is here: I had left camp early that first summer (2011) to go photograph my first wedding in Ohio. […]

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I photographed this super fun day!  I got a little behind last year and serving my clients comes before blogging! Better late than never, right? Last March I met up with Jasmine of and Kelsie of for a girls day at Hilldale Madison Shopping Center!  We started with […]

And so it was, that when Wendy and Colin arrived in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin they were greeted by two overly enthusiastic people they had never met bearing peace offerings of cheese and more cheese. AND for some strange reason Colin and Wendy didn’t turn tail and run straight back to Colorado, and the four became fast friends. It must have been the cheese…

Prep your fiance/husband in advance – Explain that this session is going to take 1 or 2 hours.  Also make sure he knows that it is important to you! Trust your photographer both during the session and when discussing locations and time of day for your session!  Your photographer will knowing the best times and […]

I’ve always been one of those creative, “crafty” people.  I grew up in New Hampshire in a tiny college town nestled at the foot of the White Mountain National Forest and was homeschooled K-12, which meant that I had lots of time to exercise creativity. A high school obsession with scrapbooking first led me to […]

It’s no secret – tree farm mini sessions are my favorite time of year for several reasons, but mainly because I basically get to hang out in a evergreen wonderland all day! I did them a little bit earlier in November this year and somehow we still ending up with below freezing temps! Despite the […]

I met up with Dawn and her kids at Olin Park on Sunday afternoon and they were such a pleasure to photograph! I love how their outfits compliment the fall colors perfectly and they were up for anything so of course I made them do ridiculous things.  😉 Thanks for playing you guys! <3 Amy