Blue Mounds Winter Session: Colin & Wendy | Amy Lynn Photography Studio

Blue Mounds Winter Session: Colin & Wendy

Sometimes God sends new friends in unexpected ways. For instance, once upon a time a photographer named Wendy posted in a photography Facebook group that she and her husband Colin were moving to Wisconsin for his job. And a photographer named Amy decided, hey, Wendy and Amy should be friends. So then she told Wendy they were going to be friends. And then she told her husband that they were going to make new friends named Colin and Wendy and he said, “Ok.”

And so it was, that when Wendy and Colin arrived in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin they were greeted by two overly enthusiastic people they had never met bearing peace offerings of cheese and more cheese. AND for some strange reason Colin and Wendy didn’t turn tail and run straight back to Colorado, and the four became fast friends. It must have been the cheese…

winter photo session at Blu Savannah Oaks Blue Mounds WI

<3 Amy