Class of 2020 Senior Session | Micah | Madison WI

I met Micah and his family over 6 years ago when Brian & I got married, moved to Madison, and joined an awesome church, Calvary Bible Fellowship. At the time, Micah’s dad was pastoring said church and we spent the next couple of years getting to know this sweet family of 6 better (Micah has 3 brothers! For his older brother Caleb’s senior session, click here!)

high school senior guy wearing a suit outside the Park Bank building in Madison WI
high school senior guy wearing a green dress shirt and standing in front of matching green doors in downtown Madison WI

A few years ago, God called Micah’s family to a church two hours away from Madison, but we meet up every so often for family photos (and lately, senior photos – how does time fly sooooo fast???!!!!!) Anyway, Micah is headed into his senior year and is planning to attend Bob Jones University (my alma mater) in 2020!

high school senior guy wearing denim and black on a parking garage at Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin.

Congrats Micah! Study hard, play your best, and keep God as the center of your life! <3 Amy