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Krista & Alex’s Warner Park Wedding

Last weekend’s wedding was lovely – I’m still in awe of Krista’s DIY floral skills!  Krista & Alex got married at beautiful Warner Park Recreation Center on the east side of Madison.  They opted for an outdoor ceremony under a huge tree that provided the perfect amount of shade on a blue sky, puffy cloud day.  The forecasted rain held off all day, for which we were grateful.
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-43krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-44 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-42
Krista & Alex wrote their own vows.  They were simple, funny, and possibly even brought a few tears ;).  krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-41 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-40 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-39 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-38 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-37

The moms! <3


The wedding party got ready at the Hilton downtown.  I probably never would have found the elevators, courtesy of their mirrored doors.  Thankfully I have awesome timing and made it to the lobby at the same moment as Krista & Alex. 😉
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-63 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-60 Krista’s wedding is quite possibly the first wedding I have every photographed where everything ran a little AHEAD of schedule!!!  Amazing!
Turquoise shoes matched her bridesmaids dresses to a t!krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-59krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-58The moms are just so cute!!

krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-57  krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-64

krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-56 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-55


The details just kept coming at the reception venue.  The park has a lovely “recreation center” with a huge event room for formal events.  Two walls are completely windows for dreamy lighting that set off Krista’s DIY details beautifully!!
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-12 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-10krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-54 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-53 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-52 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-51 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-50 Krista surprised Alex with an ADORABLE Mario Brothers Cake.  Alex, you are a lucky man. 
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-47 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-46


Feast your eyes on the pink starbursts.  These jars of delightfulness rested on the end of the selfie stick table!

krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-35 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-34 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-33 After the ceremony, we went for a walk along the winding path, over two bridges, and not to grandmother’s house, to make sure we got some fabulous bridal party shots.  We met some very strange people along the way, all of whom wished the new bride and groom well in some odd fashion or another.krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-32 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-31 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-30

krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-25 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-29 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-28 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-27 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-26 Really, I just can’t get enough of these flowers.  They set off the dresses so perfectly!krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-24 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-22 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-21 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-20 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-23 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-18 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-17
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-15krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-16 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-14

After a few portraits, we hurried back to join the guests for dinner (during which, awesome soundtrack music was played!!!) and dancing.
We snuck away for some more portraits after the dancing started.  Thank you both for trying whatever silly thing I asked you to do.  These are my favorites.  <3 
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-8 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-7 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-6 krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-5krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-9And then we forgot the balloons, so we snuck out again for some last minute shots before the rain came.  Or at least seemed to be coming!  It never more than sprinkled.  Regardless, the wind was CRAZY.  Thankfully, we did not repeat our previous balloon experiences!!  (During their engagement session, their balloons floated away before we could finish with them!!!!)
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-4krista&alex_madisonwedding2016-2And they ended the evening with a crackle with a sparkler sendoff!
krista&alex_madisonwedding2016Krista and Alex, your wedding was beautiful.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of it!!