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Matthew & Terra’s Madison Wedding

Matthew and Terra enjoyed a wedding day full of friends and laughter, despite wind and heat!  I met the girls at RZ & Company (gorgeous salon by the way.  and they do good work!).  Since I knew we would be tight on time, I photographed Terra’s beauuuutiful ring in the sunny front window of the salon while the girls got their hair wedding ready!



Back at the church, I was wowed by all of the details that Terra put together.  From the adorable bridesmaids’ jewelry to her absolutely stunning Kate Spade shoes, there was glam and sparkle galore.


CG6A7516 CG6A7579 CG6A7567

Seriously.  THESE SHOES!!!!!CG6A7562

CG6A7542 CG6A7449IMG_1632Thanks to my good friend and second shooter, Jon Baker for the above ring shot!!!!  Good work sir!


Here’s a little behind the scenes of the below.  I saw this shot and realized why I always feel so short – because I am.  Very. short.  Thanks Baker!



Matthew, Terra and I connected very strongly at our very first meeting when we discovered that not only did we share the same faith, but Matthew had grown up near the summer camp that my husband and I met at!!  Its been lovely getting to know these two a little better and a joy to be a part of their God-honoring ceremony.


First look. <3

CG6A7954CG6A7958 CG6A7985CG6A7977CG6A8047 CG6A8068


CG6A8110CG6A8126 CG6A8148So. much. beautiful. emotion.

We snuck photo sessions in throughout the day.  These intrepid souls braved the ridiculous heat and a stiff breeze in order to record the day.

CG6A7800 CG6A7733 CG6A7720 CG6A7663The reception was held at University Club.  A historic building rich with tradition, University Club sits a few hundred yards from the lake and has seen an entire city rise up around it.  Did I mention that it is gorgeous?

CG6A8384 CG6A8370


So awesome to have a wedding party that knows how to have fun!CG6A8363CG6A8265

CG6A8267 CG6A8282 CG6A8445After dinner, the bride and groom braved the heat once again for a few portraits.


CG6A8559 CG6A8571CG6A8563

CG6A8565CG6A8529 CG6A8545 CG6A8539




CG6A8848 CG6A8881 CG6A8863 CG6A8795

CG6A9299 CG6A8993 CG6A8985

Matthew and Terra, thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding.  Knowing how much this day meant to you both, it was such a huge honor. <3