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More Precious With Time: The Power of Photography

I’ve always been one of those creative, “crafty” people.  I grew up in New Hampshire in a tiny college town nestled at the foot of the White Mountain National Forest and was homeschooled K-12, which meant that I had lots of time to exercise creativity. A high school obsession with scrapbooking first led me to photography as a hobby and I fell in love.  In photography, I had discovered a medium that could stop moments in time that could otherwise be forgotten and tell stories with more than words. Stories of God’s goodness, true love, heartfelt laughter, and real emotions.  I eagerly pursued photography knowledge and took hundreds of images with my little Canon point and shoot as I sought to be a professional scrapbooker with amazing photos to shape my pages and journaling around.

my first DSLR – a high school graduation present to myself!
Precautionary measures must be taken when photographing paintball!
(Just please ignore that flash pointed directly at my unlucky subject, which i’m fairly certain was a vintage car in this instance…)

Off I went to college, clutching a brand new DSLR camera and a vaguely formed plan to graduate college with a degree in graphic design, move to Colorado, and live alone with my cats. Thankfully, God has a way of changing our plans for the better and I met this super sweet, kind guy named Brian the summer after sophomore year.  We started dating long distance and within 3 months, realized that we wanted to love each other for the rest of our lives.  In May of 2013, 3 weeks after college graduation, (with a degree in interior design, not graphic design!) Brian and I got married and I moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

Our first Christmas together <3

Since bringing us to Madison, God has blessed us with an incredible church family and cherished friendships. Through those relationships, I realized that what I really wanted to pursue was photography and over the last few years I have sharpened my eye and honed my storytelling, which led me to start my business in 2015. 

This past Christmas, I had the opportunity to go through some of my dad’s old slides and boxes of old photos and mementos from his parents.  It was an incredibly special experience.  My parents didn’t realize that among the photos my dad had taken for a class he was teaching at the time were some photos of them from very early in their marriage.  It was so special to be able to sit with my dad and hear stories and memories promted by the images. 

My parents on their 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary.

This image, taken of my grandparents during World War II shortly after their marriage, means SO much to me because my grandparents passed away when I was 4 and the only way I can learn their story is through images and stories from my dad!  These images are like windows into their lives and I treasure every single one!

My grandparents shortly after getting married, early-mid 1940s.

This experience reminded me of the importance of taking photos! Whether they’re professional images or cell phone snaps, photos only become more precious with time. The best ones evoke stories and emotions, gratitude and love. All of them are worth taking! Through this experience, I realized anew a love for preserving stories so that 60 years from now, my clients’ children and their children can page through well-worn albums, pluck prints out of a dusty box, or lovingly re-arrange frames on their wall.

<3 Amy