Olin Park Family Session: The Yuen Family

Growing up, I met lots of missionaries when they came on deputation to our church.  These were longterm missionaries – people who gave up a comfortable life in the States to serve God and love people somewhere that might not be so comfortable.  Their accounts of the distant lands they were called to serve fascinated me, but I think I always thought of missionaries as these super-Christians.  After all, they were pursing things sooo far outside my comfort zone that I couldn’t even comprehend living that kind of life!  Spoiler alert:  I still can’t, but as I’ve grown to know some missionaries personally, I’ve come to realize that these missionaries are simply Christ followers who God has called to a specific place for a specific purpose and who have 100% devoted their lives to his call, wherever it leads them.  (Not an easy thing!)

Susie and James Yuen came to our church on deputation a few weeks ago and Susie remembered Brian because his mom was her high school English teacher!  (I just love the random connections that pop up!)  We had the privilege of fellowshipping with Susie and James and their girls that Sunday evening after service and enjoyed getting to know them a bit!  It was incredible to hear their stories of God working in their lives to bring them to Him, to each other, and now back to Hong Kong (where James is from) as missionaries.  I was so excited when they asked me to do some family photos for them!

Grandma and Grandpa were able to join them for pictures – so sweet!Aren’t these girls precious?  They are so spunky and have the best smiles!We couldn’t have pulled off the below couple photos without the above couple ^ having a tea party with the girls while we wandered off into the woods for a few minutes!  Having grandparents along is awesome! I’m so glad that I got back from vacation in time to connect with this sweet family before they head west!  Hopefully we can connect again before they head overseas for good next year!  It will be exciting to see how God continues to provide and make their path clear.