Photo Swap: Becky & Eric

You may have noticed that its been a tad warm lately.  I’m so thankful for little things…like completely perfect weather that we never could have planned for!  Wisconsin winters are not, as a rule, photographer friendly.  This past weekend was an exception and thankfully, Becky and I were able to take full advantage!

Becky is a photographer friend (check out her headshots here and here!) and this time it was my turn for some new headshots!  Somewhere in the process of planning this we realized that if we dragged our sweet husbands along for the ride, we could get some couple portraits too!  This session was a joy to shoot!

Firstly, they wore blue.  Also, they’re adorable.

Aren’t these doors awesome?  I love downtown Madison!  There is history everywhere and history is awesome!

Becky and Eric are so natural in front of the camera!  

Seriously.  Their sweet, quiet love shows in every image <3

Becky and I both happened to show up wearing our wedding shoes!  We both ended up possibly sacrificing them for these next few…darn mud!  I haven’t dared look at my shoes since!  That said, I think it (might) have been worth it for that last little bit of sun that we almost missed because time ran away from us!

After gingerly finding our way off the muddy hill with the pretty light, we spotted a cool door with hinges but no handles across the street and had to make a detour.

And so we ended our evening with sore smiles, soggy feet, and full memory cards!  The warmth was a tantalizing hint of what spring will bring and I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!

<3 Amy