When your brother-in-law’s dog has puppies you make time to go snuggle them.  You just do.  And maybe take a few photos here and there!  We somewhat spontaneously decided to drive over to the farm after work Saturday evening and it turned out to be a lovely evening away.

Life seems much simpler when the puppies and cats and cows and children are the only ones there to witness your grubby clothes and dinner can be postponed for ATV adventures.  As much as I love the convenience of the city, the little girl who grew up in the woods misses fresh air, sunshine, and a noticeable lack of cultural expectations.  Like makeup for example.

Kevin is one of the smartest, most hardworking people I know.  He is passionate about God, his family, and their farm.  His latest venture has been breeding registered labs and he’s the perfect person to do it knowledgeably and lovingly.  The first puppies were born two weeks ago, at which point I volunteered to snuggle…I mean photograph…them for their Facebook page.  (Shameless plug: they will be ready to go to their forever home at the end of April and you can find more info here!)Kevin was busy milking when we arrived, so my husband cheerfully filled in as chief puppy wrangler with my niece in the supporting role of reflector-holder.

Hershey’s first litter consists of brown and black labs.

And if you’re not on cuteness overload yet…I have a thing for fluffy cats.  (Important Note:  My nieces wanted me to make sure I told everyone that this particular farm cat is NOT for sale!!)

Oh and my nieces and nephew are pretty great too.  Z is his dad’s mini-me!  His favorite place to be is outside helping his dad in the barns and on the tractor.

M (blue hoodie) prefers that my husband holds her whenever he’s there!  He clearly her favorite (for now!).

Here’s to the promise of spring and longer days.  And more visits to snuggle puppies and kids.

<3 Amy