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The Bride Guide: So You Attended that Bridal Show – Now What?!

You went to the bridal show, got the free bag, ate all the goodies, and collected loads of awesome information from vendors who can’t wait to work with you…and now you might be a little overwhelmed!

  1. Go through your bag in the day or two after the bridal show.  It may seem intimidating, but don’t wait!  There are a couple of reasons for this:
    • Looking over the info right away ensures that you might actually remember something additional that you discussed with a vendor in person.
    • Some vendors offer a special show discount that has an expiration date!
  2. Sort the information by vendor type, eg. venues in a pile, florists, etc.
  3. If there are any vendor categories that you already have covered (for instance, you already put a deposit on a venue), toss the info from that category.
  4. Take a few minutes to write down notes on the cards or handouts of potential vendors so that you can remember them later.  If there are a couple vendors that really stuck out to you, put a star on their info!
  5. Put your sorted info and notes all in one place, whether it is a box or binder or notebook!  I love to use those plastic binder sleeves to store vendor info.  This way you won’t lose the card of the baker with the amazing wedding cheesecake!
  6. Contact vendors when you have a minute, in order of urgency. Many people use a similar order to below but there are plenty of checklists and guides on Pinterest or in planning books:
    • venue
    • photographer
    • dress
    • invitations
    • florist/baker

I hope this helps!  Looking for a wedding photographer in Wisconsin or beyond?  You can see more of my work, along with planning tips and tricks right here on the blog.  Pricing and FAQs can be found here:

<3 Amy