The Farm Series: Chore Time

Today’s post is the next installment in my personal project, “The Farm Series”.  This series is part puppy marketing images and part documentary images of Valley View Farm, a dairy farm in south-central Wisconsin and my brother-in-law’s pride and joy.  (If you missed previous installments, click the links below!)

This installment of The Farm Series takes us behind the scenes of chore time. (Chore duties encompass far more than just milking the cows!)

While they wait for family members to arrive, the kids find plenty of things to occupy their outdoor time! 

(My niece laughed at me for photographing the gas pump – “Why are you taking a picture of that old thing?!” I laughed.  “Because I like the color!” I said.)  Family members arrive from other side of the field and it’s time to get to work! 

This barn is where the youngest calves are kept.  These big plastic dividers give the newborns each their own stall and can be easily assembled and disassembled as needed!

Chores are accomplished with help and “help” from the kids. These are the strongest women I know <3

After everyone is fed, some of the older newborns are moved into a group pen in order to make room for the newbies!  Kevin brought an hours old calf in via a handy sled.

Now that choirs are done, it’s time for Kevin to milk the cows using a highly efficient milking parlor that allows him to milk several cows at a time!