The Farm Series: Puppies Part 2

This past Saturday marked the first real day off I had had since February and also happened to be a gloriously sunny, breezy, warm, actually-feels-like-spring day.  The kind of day that makes me want to go plant a garden, even though past experience has taught me that that is a terrible idea that results in sweat, tears, and lots of thoroughly dead flowers and veggies by June or July.

So instead of going out and purchasing ill-fated vegetable seeds, we went to the farm to enjoy the fresh air and snuggle the now much more active puppies!    While my camera informs me that I took over 400 images in the space of an hour, we also got plenty of cuddle time!

The girls have just a couple more weeks to snuggle these babies – they’ll be ready to go to their new homes the end of April!

These babies have grown sooo much over the past few weeks and currently enjoy wrestling, fake growling, chewing on everything that is not meant to be chewed, whining, and other things that, in puppies, are adorable.  Crawling between legs, or just plopping down, is also a favorite pastime.

Playing is hard work though and its occasionally necessary to spontaneously plop down somewhere for a quick nap.

It’s a good thing our apartment complex doesn’t allow dogs!  Otherwise… 😉