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Wedding Planning: The Details Checklist

The dress, the rings, the shoes, the earrings.  Every detail, every perfect find.  Every heirloom.  While people are obviously the center of your wedding day, every detail has a story to tell and all of those little stories add rich layers to the story of your day.  Don’t let them be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the day!

Set aside all of the little things (jewelry, the rings, shoes, heirlooms, bowties, tie clips, watches, pocket squares, cuff links, etc) in one place.  A box or bag works really well.  One for the bride, one for the groom.  This way you don’t forget your grandmother’s handkerchief and your photographer doesn’t miss photographing it!

Not having a lot of detail shots was one of my only regrets from my wedding day and not one that I realized until later.  (Not my photographer’s fault – I didn’t have them ready for her nor did I ask her to photograph them!  At the time I didn’t even think to bring my invitations and my flowers were in a different building!)

Don’t forget your invitation suite!  I love photographing them with other elements, like your flowers.  

Last but not least, I’ve created a handy his & hers checklist for you – feel free to save, share, or Pin!